"I was amazed with the ease that Dr. Grope was able to make this entire experience for our family. She was prompt to arrive, prepared my son Elijah in a short amount of time with excellent precision, and was extremely thorough on her follow-up even after the event was over. Dr. Grope was able to soothe my wife during this overwhelming and emotional procedure; something that nobody else was able to do. I would recommend Sarah to anyone in need of a Mohel or Mohelet."

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Leland, Jacqueline, Tahlia
and especially, Elijah Tulper

"Many people cautioned us that a Brit Milah could be a very challenging experience for us as new parents. Dr. Grope, however, took the time to answer our questions both before and after the procedure and helped put us at ease with both the medical and religious aspects of the experience. She crafted a religious ceremony that fit our family well and did a textbook job on the medical side. Dr. Grope is a graceful, kind person, and we highly recommend her."

The Schwalb family

"Having a medical doctor perform the Bris was important to my family. Having Dr. Grope who is an M.D. with the ability to bring personality into the service and care into the procedure was truly a blessing. Dr. Grope made the ceremony a memorable occasion for all that attended."

The Bernstein Family

"Dr. Grope was a wonderful Mohelet. From our first conversation, I felt very at ease with her. As an interfaith family, it was wonderful to be welcomed into the Jewish community. She performed a beautiful ceremony for our son and was very considerate of his comfort during the experience. Dr Grope also made sure we knew how to care for our son post procedure and she checked in with us again about a week later. I'd highly recommend her to other families."

The Silverstein Family

"Sarah was professional and friendly, and conducted a meaningful -- and concise -- service. We highly recommend her."

The Schwartz family

"Dr. Sarah Grope performed the bris on our newborn son, Jack. She was absolutely wonderful in all aspects. She was highly competent and confident in her approach to a very delicate procedure. My wife and I were extremely impressed and reassured in her abilities as a medical doctor. Dr. Grope also was very friendly, warm, efficient and professional as far as the service portion of the evening. We have had numerous positive remarks on how good the circumcision looks that was done on our little Jack. They actually have said each time that this was one of the best circumcisions they have seen (this is a very, very busy office).

We will be recommending any of our friends with a newborn boy that would like a Brit Milah to call and use Dr. Grope. Thanks so much for making a nerve wracking experience (for first time Jewish parents) an affair we will remember with smiles and joy!"

Greg, Emily and Jack Wolgin